Digital information specialist,
delivering 40 years commercial
experience, knowledge & realisation.


I've enjoyed many years managing software development operations within very diverse industries and technical domains. The similarity across all engagements, being the need to bring specific products or services to market. The UK, and latterly Germany, have been my home markets. However, I have managed development teams, interfaced with clients and spent considerable time in locations such as Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kiev, Wroclaw, Copenhagen, San-Diego, Kingston Jamaica and Utrecht.


There's no reason to delay  bringing your product to market while waiting to find the right match for your CTO position.

I'll have your development and design team recruited, on-boarded, tooled-up and being productive in no time at all.

This gives your business the time it needs to find the right CTO/CIO. 


Bringing products to market using an iterative "Agile" approach optimises workload, reduces cost and gives a you a flexible competitive advantage

Using such an approach ensures that progress is transparent, issues are surfaced immediately and the right priorities are set.

"Agile" promotes the concept of a "Minimal Viable Product", meaning you can seize the marketplace before your potential competitors do.


Ever wondered why your deliverables from off-shore, or near-shore, suppliers always miss the mark?

Having spent many years working with international teams, in India, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Carribean and the US, there are numerous cultural complexities to understand.

I'll work hand-in-hand with your management and engagement teams to teach the necessary skills for success.

Andrew Upton

Landweg 33
82041 Oberhaching