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Demystifying the buzzword soup to deliver tailor-made internet based software product for the connected world.


STUDIO33 bespoke software development

Solutions design & development

STUDIO33 provides bespoke design, prototyping and development of software products, tailor made to your business needs. Empowering your business to service the insatiable demand for information.

Mobile first

Development of responsive web-sites and web-apps, optimised first, for mobile devices. Delivers your on-line message to the mobile centric generation.

Cloud solutions

Development, hosting and administration of data driven, cloud-based solutions to support your business and tie-in with your existing technology eco-system.

Mobile marketing

Microsites, web-apps and rich-email developed in conjunction with QR-Code and NFC technology to enhance traditional marketing methods and support your digital presence.


Utilising our multi-lingual, text-to-speech engine to provide audible content within web-apps. Provides accessibility to the visually impaired, elderly and dyslexic audiences.



Pulse collates information and visualises the mood of your organisation, your event, your customer base or any group of people by capturing feedback from multiple perspectives.

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Data Capture

Pulse allows your organisation to quickly define multiple surveys which can be offered to both known and unknown audiences in order to collate quantitative data and feedback.

Mood Visualisation

Pulse allows your survey audience to instantly view the mood results, compare with their own contribution and further participate in discussions. A "like" button is also offered against feedback in order to raise it's attention.


Pulse runs on all smartphone, tablet and desktop devices allowing it to be used on-the-go as well as at-the-desk. Notifications ensure that your survey audience never forgets to offer their contribution.


STUDIO33 GmbH, founded by Andrew Upton in January 2014, is a bespoke software design and development business based in Munich, Germany.   Andrew's 35 years of extensive software design and deployment experience binds a multitude of skills, both business and technical, to deliver cutting edge solutions that meet the demands of the connected age.

Working together

Developing tailored solutions mean that we collaborate closely with our clients, including them in every step of the journey.

We work together with our clients to seek out new opportunities. Enhancing their brand or customer reach by prototyping and validating future concepts together.

With deep experience in all aspects of the software development life-cycle, including off-shore software engineering, we can guide and mentor your own delivery teams to optimise their workflow and increase efficiency across the board.

Agile delivery

Gone are the days where your IT service provider disappears for months, only to return with disappointment.

Our approach is to present our clients iterative deliverables. This means that our clients have an opportunity to visualise the development of the product on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Demonstrating the completed features, ensures we are on a sound footing. This gives our clients an opportunity to shape the deliverables during the course of the project and ensures that there are no nasty surprises further down the line.


Delivering quality relies upon many aspects to ensure success. This theme runs right through every facet of our business; from the initial concept right through to delivery and subsequent marketing.

We work hand-in-hand with our clients and partners to dovetail the deployment of our solutions within the client's business strategy and eco-system.

With so many ways to retrieve and access information these days, we ensure that our solutions are tested on all recognised target devices to certify a consistent user experience.


Landweg 33
D-82041 Oberhaching
Munich, Germany

Managing Director: Andrew Upton